Saturday, 24 April 2010

What To Eat To Get Rid Of Your Muffin Top

When you’re trying to lose your muffin top it can be difficult to know what to eat and what avoid.

With the endless amount of diet plans and regimes out there it can be tricky to wade through the scams and come out with some valuable information and specific advice.

Here I will be discussing the way that our bodies process foods and store fat to create the unappealing muffin top and which foods we should avoid to prevent this from happening.

It helps me to think of the body as an engine – it will perform differently depending on what you fuel it with.

Without getting too scientific, here is a basic interpretation of how the body stores fat:

• Food enters the body

• It is broken down by the stomach

• In the intestines, chemicals break it down further

• Any valuable energy from the food passes into the blood (known as blood sugar)

• Waste passes on and is excreted

• The energy is taken to the parts of the body that need it

• Any excess blood sugar is converted to fat and stored (often around the hips and stomach)

• The body will break down its reserves of fat to use as energy as it is needed (e.g. during exercise)

So you can see that it is a relatively delicate balance.

If you put too much food in and do not expend enough energy to use up the fat which is stored, it will remain stored and be built upon each time this happens.

If you put too little food in, the body will not have enough energy to perform its daily tasks.

Equally, if the foods you’re eating are full of sugar, you’re body will have more to store as fat.

There is a great free video describing this idea and giving you ideas of which foods you can and can’t eat here.

For those of you who prefer to read rather than watch, the video explains:

• That maintaining blood sugar levels is important for reducing cravings and increasing the amount of energy you have
• A lot of foods that we may think of as healthy (such as wholegrain bread and low fat margarine) are actually foods which produce a lot of blood sugar when digested by the body

• On the other hand, a lot of foods we may think of as fattening (such as sweet potatoes and butter) are actually good for our bodies as they are natural and contain no harmful preservatives and chemicals.

• Natural oils and butter are actually good for us, especially for our hair and skin

• You do not need to count calories, starve yourself or spend a lot of money to lose weight.

I should mention that this video is actually a glimpse into the diet plan I follow – The Diet Solution

Now I am by no means skinny, but I must say that after only a couple of months on the plan I’ve lost 15lbs and my friend (who I went halves with to buy the plan) has lost 17lbs.

I’ve also noticed that my skin has drastically improved and my family are much happier with the meals I’m producing (I’ve even noticed that my two young children are less hyper!).

So for all these reasons I am recommending this to you!

I hope you will consider it because I truly believe that this plan could be the way forward for anyone suffering with muffin top.

If not, the best advice I can give is to drink lots of water, avoid excessive sugar and salt and try to consume foods with as few ingredients as possible (fruit, vegetables, butter, steak).

Next time: I will be looking at Muffin Top Exercises to do from the comfort of your own home.

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