Sunday, 11 April 2010

How To Camouflage Your Muffin Top

The most common cause of muffin top, as I mentioned in my previous post, is poorly fitting trousers, so it follows that a change in wardrobe is the best way to camouflage your muffin top.

The amount of times I've bought a size smaller than I am, just to feel better about my body I certainly couldn't count on one hand, and yet it seems ridiculous to me now.

Think of it this way; do you really feel better about your body when you've just managed to squash yourself into this smaller size and now you have unnattractive bulges and fat spills all over the place?

I thought not.

So the best piece of advice I can give is to simply buy the correct sized clothing.

Yes it is depressing to know that you have to go up a size, but you could keep those muffin top inducing pants as an incentive for losing weight (which I'll be discussing in my next post).

I find that it's a good idea to cut the labels out of your clothes anyway, that way you're not constantly reminded of what size you are and you become more aware of how the clothes actually fit your body.

If you're feeling like you'd die of shame buying your actual size in a clothes shop, why not try shopping online?  There's much more choice, you can take your time and all you need is a tape measure (to make sure you get the sizing right) and a credit or debit card or a paypal account (if the site accepts this method of payment).

I love for their great value plus size collections and worldwide delivery (look in the top right corner of their home page for options to change the currency.

Another option is to buy trousers with an elastic / stretchy waist band

Now I'm not talking maternity pants or anything here, I'm talking about checking the material of the trousers you buy. 

Check how much the waist band stretches by holding the seams at each side and pulling gently outwards.  Aim for something with at least an inch of give (stretch) so that it will adapt to your body rather than digging into it.

Following washing instructions is an important part of this point, as the trousers you buy may have stretch at first, but if they're not taken care of properly they will lose their elasticity and it's a horrible feeling thinking 'why didn't I pay attention to the label?'.  If in doubt I generally wash at 30C and shape whilst damp, then air dry flat on a towel.

The next point is to make sure your trousers aren't too low.

I feel sick with jealousy seeing those women who wear low riders and show off their perfectly flat, tanned stomachs, but I now realise that these people are the lucky few and that they most often have to put a lot of effort in to look the way they do. 

It doesn't stop me from feeling jealous, but it does help me feel a little better about myself.

So the point is that, while I know it's the fashionable thing to wear, I also know that I do not have that perfectly toned stomach and I don't particularly want to spend all my time trying to get it.  

Instead I will concentrate on finding clothes that suit my body, not someone elses.

This means jeans / trousers that come up to just below my belly button (as granny-ish as that sounds) and a long top that hides where my waist band is.  In the summer the same thing applies, but I might wear a skirt and a floatier top.  The point is that the problem area is not on display, but you still look good and you can draw confidence from dressing nicely and not having to worry about your secrets being exposed.

So what about those occasions when you need to dress up?

You can get away with the jeans and long top combo on most occasions if you choose wisely (dark jeans and some sparkle or pattern on the top works just fine for a night out), but sometimes a dress is the only suitable attire.

This brings me to my fourth point: wearing the right underwear

There are so many options for those of us with things to hide to take advantage of in the underwear department.

I would highly recommend trying Spanx.  These are the ultimate weapon for the fight against your muffin top.

They're basically the original shapewear range that really pulls in your wobbly bits and allows you to wear dresses or anything really without having to worry about fat spillage.  They've just started doing sheer tights with the same hold as their other products too, so you can wear those summer dresses without fear.

Otherwise, a lot of vintage inspired underwear has been making a comeback recently and good old fashioned girdles are really effective, just not very attractive unfortunately.

So that's all there is to it!

Following the four simple steps I've outlined here will allow you to camouflage your muffin top so effectively no-one will even know it's there.

Next time I will be looking into What To Eat To Get Rid Of Your Muffin Top, following some simple diet advice that most people don't know about!

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